Monthly Archives: August 2008

ASUS eee 900 in the mail.

Yes the new toy is in the mail…
I was looking for a new toy and have heard only good things about the EEE and
on my trip to New York this summer I was looking for the EEE and found that the
900 was more expensive then the price her in Sweden and the plus is that I don’t have to
by a converter for the power cord.
The EEE is going to be the new shinging blinki thing hear at home, but at the same timeeeevit
i put in a order for a 3G modem to have internet access where ever I’m at and the plan I signde up for
is a unlimited down and up this is what the site was saying but I have to take a look at the small print when the contract is her.

This thing is coming soon to the mancave…
More news @ a later time…